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  • 2017 Epicor Partner Excellence Awards

    The Epicor Partner Excellence Awards honour partners that have successfully deployed Epicor solutions to achieve excellence in business efficiency, customer experience, and overall performance. On top of this we will be honouring partners that have excelled in growing their Epicor business through innovation in business and technology.

    The award winners will be announced during the ‘Momentum 2017 Awards Ceremony’ on the evening of July 12th and will benefit from global recognition through our ‘Grow Getter’ PR and Communications Programme. We call the companies that are best set up for growth “Grow Getters”. These are high growth businesses that understand what it takes to grow their company to the next level. If you consider yourself as a ‘Grow Getter’ and have successfully enabled your customers to grow and compete in today’s global economy by setting them up for success with Epicor solutions, we are happy to receive your application for the 2017 Epicor Partner Excellence Awards.

    We are accepting nominations in the following categories:

    • Business Transformation – Undertaking a project that has revolutionized the business of your customer by harnessing Epicor Software solutions to gain insight which will improve business growth through increased revenue, market share, improved customer satisfaction, or reduced costs.
    • Cloud Deployment – Deploying Epicor Software solution in the cloud, or another Epicor hosting service, that has led to demonstrated business benefits for your customer.
    • Customer Experience – Transforming customer experience through the implementation and adoption of Epicor business solutions creating extended value to the customer base and bottom line.
    • Rapid Time to Value – Outstanding commitment in fast implementation and deployment of a new Epicor Software solution or additional modules to an existing implementation - through diversity, level and most up-do-date certifications, the best project teams, efficient and effective staffing, training and production readiness; leading to fast ROI/rapid business/revenue growth.
    • Technology Innovator – Using technology to drive innovation throughout the customers’ business to achieve measurable business growth.
    • Rising Star – this is for new partners who have been in partnership with Epicor for less than a year. During their first year have excelled in sales, marketing, professional services and in growing their Epicor business.
    • Partner of the Year – this is the most sought after award, it recognises the partner that has shown substantial growth in their customer base or by driving new revenue growth. Partners nominated for this should be able to demonstrate effective engagement with their local Epicor team, demonstrate innovation, competitive differentiation and customer value and satisfaction.