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    Throughout its history, Epicor has been an early adopter and aggressive promoter of key Microsoft technologies. Through the close working relationship, Epicor gains a clear understanding of Microsoft's technology direction: what technologies and products Microsoft is investing in. At the same time, Microsoft gains a deeper understanding of technology and business requirements of mid-market companies and how leading ISVs are best packaging and delivering solutions that leverage Microsoft’s platform and technology to provide increased value and benefits to their markets.

    Through our deep relationship with the Developer and Platform Evangelism Group and participation in Microsoft’s Technical Adoption Programs (TAP) and Partner Advisory Councils (PAC), Epicor gains early access to new technology and all the tools necessary to ensure comprehensive product development, including product betas for development and test purposes and advanced technical information.

    "Partnering with Microsoft enables us to focus our development resources on delivering enhanced functionality to our customers, rather than on developing technology infrastructure. Whenever possible, we will use standard and readily available Microsoft Servers and Tools as the foundation for Epicor solutions, or move to adopt them once those tools reflect the needs of our customers. Epicor’s dedication to evaluating, understanding and leveraging emerging technologies in order to deliver measurable business benefits to our customers not only positions Epicor as a technology innovator, but has made us a valuable resource to Microsoft in helping shape their technology direction."
    Erik Johnson, Vice President and Chief Architect

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