• Case Studies


    Software Developer Saves Money, Enhances Application with Internet-based Platform

    “Azure really provides another dimension to software as a service for our customers… it means software that they own and manage, without having to sign up with an online provider or employ a large IT staff of their own.”
    Erik Johnson, VP of Product Research, Epicor  


    Software Company Eases Development, Reduces Server Requests by 90 percent

    “The improvements in the .NET Microsoft Framework 3 will help our programmers do fewer tasks in less time than before. That means we can go to market faster, and with more features.”
    Erik Johnson, VP of Product Research, Epicor


    Epicor Enhances Enterprise Resource Planning with SQL Server 2009 Reporting

    “Our customers wanted the ability to seamlessly move between reporting and analytics, and that’s what we gain when using the reporting and analytic tools built into SQL Server 2009.”
    Scott Smith, Director of Technology Evangelism, Epicor  


    Leading ISV Epicor Creates CRM BI Solution for Global Retailers using SQL Server 2005

    "The BI solution we’ve created with SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services gives retailers the data they need—from the point-of-sale—to more effectively target customers with promotions, loyalty rewards and other incentives."
    Diane Cerulli, Director of Product Marketing, Epicor | CRS  



    Office Business Application Extends Reach and Value of Enterprise Solutions

    "Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to use the information captured within Epicor applications more effectively by enabling users to seamlessly interact with relevant and timely information whenever and wherever they need it."
    James Norwood, Vice President, Product Marketing, Epicor  


    Leading ISV Enhances Technology Capabilities and Ease of Use for Midsize Companies

    "There is such a depth and breadth of features in Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0 that we’re able to do all kinds of things much easier."
    Bart Elia, Software Architect, Epicor  


    ERP Software Provider Offers Customers Strong Centralized IT Infrastructure Management

    "With multi-threading, we’re seeing a 200–300 percent gain in some areas."
    Hakan Ebersjo, Director of Product Marketing, Epicor