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  • Epicor International Partner Logos

  • Please make sure you are using these approved logos. For further information on how to use the logo, please consult our Partner Brand Handbook.

    Compliance and Review

    All marketing materials, advertisements, and collateral bearing Epicor logos must be reviewed and approved in writing by Epicor prior to distribution. Following receipt of approval, as long as only minor or cosmetic changes are made, additional distributions need not be preapproved.

    Companies must immediately correct any deficiencies in their use of the Logo and cease and desist from further publication or distribution of the materials upon reasonable notice from Epicor. Refusal to correct such deficiencies or to cease publication or distribution may result in legal or other action taken by Epicor.

    Authorised Partner

    Certified Partner

    Requires proper certification. E-mail globalpartners@epicor.com for access.