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  • Certification Update – Announcing Epicor ERP Test-Out Program

    Effective October 1, partners can test out of live training required for Epicor ERP certification - priced in bundles per certification levels and tracks (for example, Level 1 – Financials). This new program, with successful exam completion, allows for certification without requiring live education completion. Exam bundles will be invoiced to the partner for any certification(s) achieved October 1, 2012 and forward. Click here to get started today!

    Attend a Virtual Training Session at No Charge

    One of Epicor University’s goals is to deliver live, best of class education, as cost-effective to your organization as possible. With virtual training, we are doing this. While the cost of attending the training virtually is less (no travel and reduced rates), the quality of course delivery remains the same. Unlike embedded courses, virtual training is delivered live, remotely over the web, using the latest in collaborative technology. Students are led by an expert instructor with exclusive access to their own environment, which is loaded with the full Epicor ERP product suite. No travel, special equipment, or software is required to attend the virtual trainings; you simply join the virtual classroom using a browser and a telephone. The Epicor University instructor demos their system for all to see, and students can hear each other and engage in group discussions. In parallel, instructors are able to view each student’s machine and can take control when necessary, or even demo a student’s machine to the rest of the group. Additional features include polling and chat to enhance the student’s learning experience.

    Reduced - Live Training Fees for Partners!

    Partners can attend any Epicor University live training found on the class schedule, whether in an Epicor regional classroom or virtually over the Web, for $50 per person per day. This means the five-day Implementation Camp, normally priced at $2000 in US, is now $250 for partners.

    Check out the class schedule – you will find the regularly scheduled Level 1 classes and advanced topics as well!

    Certification Spotlight

    Congratulations! Please click the link below to view the names of those that have recently achieved Epicor ERP certification and congratulate your fellow consultants.

    Exam Results and Reset Requests - Starting October 1, exam takers can now view their exam results after submitting an exam. Exam results show the response selected, if it was correct or incorrect, and display the correct answer if the question was answered incorrectly. Along with this change, exams are set to allow only one attempt. If the exam taker is unable to pass the exam on this one attempt, they must attend live training, either in the classroom or virtually over the Web, associated with that exam.

    For questions on the new partner certification process, please review the:

    Certification FAQ for Partners found here:

    To listen to a recording that discusses these changes, click here:

    Exam Updates with Release 9.05.701 – Epicor University updated more than 70 exams for release 9.05.701. Updates are based on release enhancements, an exam submission report, and your feedback. As always, the best place to view your remaining requirements is on your My Certification Status page in EpicWeb. Information is updated every two weeks with the date of last update indicated on this page.

    Epicor 9.05.701 Service Pack Webcasts

    Two webcasts, demonstrating enhancements within the service pack release presented by experts within Development, are now available.

    Accounts Payable Enhancements – This 10-minute video showcases the payment discount option for miscellaneous charges and the tax inclusive functionality for miscellaneous charges.

    China CSF – The China CSF (Country-Specific Functionality) video includes a quick note on installation, setup and entry program enhancements to support China CSF, and new features – Financial Data Export, which parses data from the company to authorities for business certification, suite of reports produced in Chinese format, and the Golden Tax Interface, which lets the ERP system work with the government invoicing system.

    To view these webcasts, click here.

    Performance Tuning and Performance Techniques – New Courses for Epicor ERP

    Two new courses, scheduled live in 2013 and available now on the Learning Management System for our employees and partners, will help our customers determine and improve the performance of their Epicor ERP application.

    Performance Tuning - This course focuses on the standard evaluation and testing process Epicor representatives and customers must follow to determine potential sources of slow performance. Epicor has developed this process to more quickly identify and resolve performance issues. The accompanying exam for this new course is coming soon.

    For a complete description, click hereAvailable virtual class dates include January 22, February 21, and March 18 – all Central Standard Time.

    Performance Techniques – This course focuses on the techniques and system tools available to improve the performance of the Epicor ERP application. The accompanying exam for this new course is coming soon.

    For a complete description, click hereAvailable virtual class dates include January 23, February 22, and March 19 – all Central Standard Time.

    To view the full course schedule and to register, click here. Once on the site, click the Find a Course button and select the Courses tab on the left. These courses are found in the Epicor 9 – Tools and Technical category.

    Announcing Education/Documentation Deliverable Improvements for Epicor ERP 9.05.701

    Epicor University has the following deliverable improvements to announce.

    Education Course Change List – This deliverable lists new and updated topics in the updated courses released with 9.05.701. With this release, the change list format has been improved for readability and flow. The Education Course Change List is now included as a section in the Epicor 9.05 Release Notes document.

    Installation Guide - With the release of Epicor 9.05.701, a new section called “Review Hardware Scenarios” has been added to the Getting Started part of the installation guides for new and upgrading customers. The scenarios are visual examples of multi-server configurations based on platform. You can review basic configurations for two server, three server, and four or more server configurations.

    For the complete announcement, click here.

    Epicor HCM Patch Documentation Available for Download

    It is always good practice for our customers to keep their Epicor HCM system up-to-date with the latest patches. With the new Epicor HCM 5.7 Patch Release Notes, they can quickly learn what is in each patch. The patch document is a cumulative list of resolved issues and enhancements in the HCM release. Clickhere to view the software change requests (SCR) resolved in patch versions through The document includes the SCR number and a summary of the correction for each SCR; in addition, the SCRs are grouped by the patch version/date of resolution.

    This new patch document deliverable is also available for versions 5.6 and 5.5. You can find these patch documents by navigating to EpicWeb > Documentation > Human Capital Management. Filter the Human Capital Management Documentation Library by Deliverable=Release Document.

    For more ways Epicor University is helping our customers to capitalize on their investment with Epicor HCM, click here.

    Epicor Advanced Estimating and Pricing 9.05.701 Deliverables

    With the release of the Epicor Advanced Estimating and Pricing 9.05.701, the following deliverables are now available:

    • Application Help
    • Education Courses
    • Feature Summary
    • Install Guide (for new customers)
    • Upgrade Guide (for customers upgrading to AEP 9.05.701)
    • Release Notes
    • Demonstration Database
    • New Epicor Advanced Estimation and Pricing Guide eBook

    The guide illustrates the estimation and planning features available in the Epicor application. You can find this deliverable on EpicWeb > Epicor 9 > Documentation. Filter the Epicor 9 Documentation Library by Deliverable=User Guide eBook.

    Education Deliverables Redesigned for SLS

    Nearly 30 tutorials are available to our SLS (Senior Living Solution) users. Read below for the benefits of the redesigned SLS tutorials for self-training and deep insight into the supported processes.

    • Organized according to the process cycle starting from the simplified admission procedures and finishing with complex business-oriented financial operations.
    • All new and updated tutorials guide users through the configuration, usage, and reporting processes for the selected topic; and are supported by visuals, tables, and report examples.
    • Oriented toward the specific audience involved in the described procedures.
    • Eleven tutorials devoted to the aged-care specific procedures; they include situation examples disclosing the most common steps the client undergoes within the process flow of the aged-care industry.

    Look for these tutorials embedded within the application.