Epicor XL Connect

Epicor XL Connect 7 is a self-service reporting and analytics solution nested in the user-friendly environment of Microsoft® Excel®. The built-in query tool and drag-and-drop interface solves the universal problem of relying on others to create customized reports. It works with your Epicor and Microsoft Excel data sources and includes intuitive features that allows business users to answer many of their own questions. For the analysts, XL Connect 7 means that manual and ad-hoc reports can be automated in a matter of minutes-saving time for more critical activities.

  • Answers user questions
  • Founded in 1996, Dallas, Texas
  • A pioneer in Microsoft Excel reporting and analytics
  • Endorsed by 100+ partners and 15+ software publishers
  • Used by 2,500+ companies with 25,000+ users worldwide

Solution Benefits

Connect your Epicor data with XL Connect 7, where your pre-built report will not only look more impressive and allow for more accurate information, but save you hours of time building your regular reports.

  • Answers user questions
  • Provides real-time automatic connection to all your Epicor data
  • Reduces time spent creating and refreshing routine and ad-hoc reports
  • PackNGo allows access to data analysis, even offline


The perfect solution for both the analyst and the business user, XL Connect 7 is a game changer in the way you and your company manage reporting. Build reports in minutes, utilize templates, and create interactive reports for detailed drilldowns and analysis from existing spreadsheets and Epicor data-all within Microsoft Excel.