Epicor Financial Planner

To grow and succeed in your business today, it is important that you can be confident in your budget plans and forecasts. If your company is still using spreadsheets alone for budgeting, you are placing severe limits on your accuracy and efficiency. Fortunately, Epicor Financial Planner allows Epicor ERP customers to improve automation and take control of the financial planning and budgeting process, allowing you to rest easier with more certainty in your projections. 

DS Panel
  • Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Market leading provider of complete Corporate Performance Management solutions
  • Works with many leading Fortune500 companies  
  • http://www.dsp.se/

Solution Benefits

With Epicor Financial Planner, you can streamline, simplify, analyze, and automate your accounts receivable and accounts payable activities resulting in a healthier cash flow.

  • Fully cloud based solution with a 5 minutes installation
  • Microsoft Excel-based budget input and review
  • Accurate and up-to-date data
  • Better version control across the organization
  • Budget data is immediately available for reporting
  • Early warning system lets you know right away when corrective action is necessary


  • Leverage a multi-dimensional environment with easy to define parameters
  • Eliminate spreadsheet associated problems by centralizing and storing data securely
  • Perform either top down or bottom up budgeting, making changes easy and instantaneous
  • Ensure that administrators can control user permissions with role-based security