Epicor Cash Collect

Accounts receivable is one of the largest business assets and the most accessible sources of working capital. Yet most businesses fail to manage receivables effectively, resulting in manual processes and increased credit risks.

Epicor Cash Collect automatically assigns accounts, creates prioritized tasks for collectors, and automates customer communications for reminders, past due notices, collection dunning letters, and more. 

  • In partnership with e2b teknologies
  • Headquartered in Chardon, Ohio
  • Offers a variety of business management applications
  • Strategic partner to many world-leading and pioneering companies

Solution Benefits

With Epicor Cash Collect you will make better credit decisions and resolve invoice disputes faster.  

  • Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Improve collections efficiencies
  • Manage invoice disputes
  • Reduce outstanding receivables
  • Automate customer communications
  • Minimize credit risks and bad debt write-offs


Based on roles set in the system, emails are automatically generated and sent to customers, including necessary supporting documents. Customers are able to self-serve invoices by viewing and paying all invoices through a customer portal. Find out exactly who you need to call or email next, why and what their account information is from one screen.