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  • What is the migration?

    Epicor is going to change the mobile application administration site for mobile devices from, https://eagle.cloud.epicor.com/, to: https://eaglesoa.com/

    When Epicor changes the URL, any device pointed to https://eagle.cloud.epicor.com will no longer have access to your Eagle server. Therefore, you will need to migrate your device(s) and change the settings in your Epicor application(s). Epicor has provided tools and instructions to help with this process.

    Who does the migration affect?

    If you have applications which connect to both environments then it may be easiest for you to manually migrate the devices from https://eagle.cloud.epicor.com/ to https://eaglesoa.com/

    What Epicor mobile applications are affected?

    The following applications will need to be reviewed and potentially have settings changed:

    • Mobile Manager (iOS & Android)
    • Mobile Lookup (iOS & Android)
    • Mobile Shopper (iOS & Android)
    • Mobile Admin (iOS & Android)
    • Tablet POS (iOS)
    • Mobile Linebuster (AKA Mobile POS – Windows Mobile on RF Devices)

    How do I know if I have applications that connect to https://eagle.cloud.epicor.com/?

    What do I do if I have devices in https://eagle.cloud.epicor.com/customer?

    • Access the mobile portal from a web browser
    • Log in using your Epicor Customer Number & Password
      • Contact the Watchdog team if you need assistance with a password reset
    • Use the three-step migration utility to move user data
      • Be sure to notify your staff before migrating devices
      • Contact Epicor at eagleretail@epicor.com if the utility is not active after you login with a brief request to activate the mobile migration utility
    • Change any and all mobile applications to the new URL: https://eaglesoa.com (enter this in app settings)

    What will happen if I have devices in both https://eagle.cloud.epicor.com/customer and https://eaglesoa.com/customer?

    All existing device data will be removed from https://eaglesoa.com/customer and therefore only migrated devices will be visible and can connect after the migration.

    However, if you have a device registered in both https://eagle.cloud.epicor.com/customer and https://eaglesoa.com/customer, the migration process will add those devices to https://eaglesoa.com/customer and in this case you should not have to do anything.

    Any device that doesn’t convert will need to be re-authenticated through the normal mobile registration process:

    • Employee configures app settings for “https://eaglesoa.com”
    • The device is now registered in the portal for administrator approval
    • Administrator approves the employee’s device for access
    • Employee tests and confirms mobile app connectivity

    In the event you have a small number of mobile devices/applications to manage then you may want to manually migrate by updating device settings approve the device per the steps above.

    What if I have a general question about the mobile portal or migration?

    Email eagleretail@epicor.com with your question. A representative will respond as soon as possible.