• Talent Management Tools

    In order for your workforce to run most efficiently, you need to make the most of your employees' talents. The talent management tools found in Epicor HCM help you do just that, by identifying, strengthening, and making use of each employee’s specific talents.

    Talent management tools found in Epicor HCM include:

    • Recruitment and Onboarding Tools
    • Performance Management
    • Training and Development
    • Succession Planning

    These advanced tools ensure that you are getting the most out of your workforce, starting at recruitment and continuing through employees' tenure within your company.

    Recruitment Tools

    Talent management starts with the people you recruit. Epicor HCM recruitment tools make it easy for candidates to find and apply for open positions, and even easier for HR professionals to find the most qualified candidates from the field of applicants.

    Performance Management Software

    Never skip a performance review again with the performance management tools of Epicor HCM. See employee history and track employee goals year to year. Encourage your workforce to perform at the highest level possible to increase business efficiency.

    Identify top employees early, and use training and development tools to nurture and encourage talent. Allow employees to search for and enrol in training programs for professional growth.Succession planning tools help you seek out the best candidates for leadership roles and create development paths to prepare employees to take over top positions in the company.

    Talent Management Software

    With talent management tools implemented across your entire workforce, you can optimise the skills found in your workforce and be prepared for the future of your business. From recruitment to retirement, your employees will be performing at their best, helping your business run more efficiently.

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