• HR Reporting Tools

    What is the point of having all employee data in one place if you cannot effectively use it? Epicor HCM does not just allow you to access your employee data, but also allows you to analyse it in order to discover where your workforce is excelling and where there is room for improvement.

    Standard HR Reports

    Epicor HCM comes out of the box with several standard reports useful to any HR department. With one-click of a mouse, you can create and run any of these standard HR reports directly in Epicor HCM, giving you a better view of your workforce as a whole. Reports can be exported from Epicor HCM to increase their range of uses.

    Custom Reports

    If your reporting needs go beyond the standard reports found in Epicor HCM, it is easy to create custom reports for your organisation. Custom reports that you use frequently can be saved for one-click report creation in the future. Reporting on your HR data will no longer consist of scrambling through paper files to find and compile the information you need.

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