• Core HR Functionality

    The foundation of Epicor HCM is strong, core HR functionality that allows you to automate your HR processes. This allows you to track and manage all your HR data throughout the entire employee life-cycle – from requisition to retirement. With state-of-the-art technology simplifying many HR processes - including absences, benefits, and compensation – your HR department can spend less time finding data and more time helping your employees perform to the best of their abilities.

    The core HR functionality found in Epicor HCM includes:

    • Employee Data
    • Demographic Data
    • Absence Tracking
    • Benefits Administration
    • Compensation Management

    With the integration of these key components of human resources in one HR software system, Epicor HCM gives human resources professionals greater control over HR processes.

    HR Data

    The root of all HR data, Epicor HCM keeps track of basic employee information including contact information, emergency contacts, work history, qualifications, and job history. It also tracks your workforce’s demographic makeup, which can be used for reporting and government compliance. Certain employee information can be entered and updated by employees themselves through Employee Self-Service.

    Absence Tracking

    Whether HR has one absence plan or five absence plans to track, the absence management feature in Epicor HCM makes it easy to track and manage time off for your entire workforce. After employees are assigned to the absence plans they qualify for, Epicor HCM does the hard part – tracking and calculating earned time off. With Employee Self-Service, employees have direct access to request time off. Paperless workflows alert the employee’s manager that time off has been requested, allowing managers to easily accept or deny the request.

    Benefits and Compensation Management

    Total Compensation is made up of two parts: salary and benefits. Benefits and compensation management tools in Epicor HCM make it simple to create fair and balanced compensation packages for your workforce, while making total compensation information easily available to employees.

    Core HR

    Epicor understands the importance of tracking basic employee data in order to run your workforce more efficiently. Your business runs on human resources; let your human resources run on Epicor HCM.

    For more information about the core HR features found in Epicor HCM,ask an Epicor expert.

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