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  • Business Process Management (BPM) is about identifying and improving processes to make your business more efficient, more disciplined, and better able to adapt to changing conditions.  However, BPM alone cannot provide the agility you need to get and stay competitive – you also need software that is adaptable in order to fully automate and accommodate your business processes as they change.  Modern software that is built using a service-oriented approach or  service-oriented architecture (SOA) provides the necessary flexibility required to put BPM to work, and for you to optimise your most important resources.


    Most complete business processes start in one department and work their way through one or more different departments within the organisation. Proper BPM requires the participation of business users in each department to help identify which processes are meaningful and which processes add no value to the output.  In this respect, BPM transfers control to business users to build and model business rules at a business level. We believe that BPM is an integral part of a business and business software, and Epicor solutions include BPM in their very fabric.

    Business Process Management

    To be effective, BPM needs to be more than just an automated workflow. Most business processes, no matter how much they lend themselves to automation, need to pause and proceed after some condition has been met or after human intervention. BPM is also about integrating various applications to provide the leanest, yet most inclusive business process possible. In conjunction with  Epicor Service Connect, BPM provides real-time, event-driven workflow orchestrations, process automation, and application integration without the need for programming. In fact, BPM delivers a flexible tool in support of continuous performance initiatives like Lean and Six Sigma, by making software more agile for you to build your own business rules and then manage those rules at a business level.

    BPM Solutions

    Although pre-packaged solutions will more than likely solve 80% of any businesses requirements out of the box, typically there is a 20% gap in what you need for your specific processes and what you get with a pre-packaged solution.  In the past, this 20% gap was often tackled through software customisation or changing your business processes to fit the software - not ideal.  With modern service-oriented software, you can still expect to meet 80% of your requirements out of the box, but you can now look to shrink that 20% gap to less than 5% through adaptable BPM capabilities.  Epicor brings you enterprise solutions which have been built from the ground up using SOA best practises.  By combining Epicor SOA software solutions and Epicor Service Connect, you can easily remodel business processes to meet your needs, without the need to alter the source code.

    Business Process Management Solutions

    BPM allows you to customise your business processes and SOA allows you to do so without modifying source code.  With SOA, making the processes in your systems match your business is a matter of configuration, not customisation.  BPM and SOA support continuous process improvement initiatives to keep your business innovative, and efficient, and provide the agility necessary to respond to changing requirements quickly and easily.  

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