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  • Digital transformation means using emerging technologies to create new ways of operating and growing your business. The top-performing manufacturers are the ones who seamlessly integrate these new technologies to maximize productivity, efficiency, and value.

    This white paper and webcast from IDC explores why more and more manufacturers are using digital technologies in their products and processes, like:

    • Why digital transformation is important
    • How integration of IT and operations yields greater efficiency
    • How to use product data to deliver greater customer service
    • Why security should be approached from a business perspective

    Download the white paper to learn how digital transformation can benefit your organization.

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    Enterprise Resource Planning System

    Epicor ERP technology is already driving digital tranformation and growth for thousands of companies across the globe

    Epicor ERP allows manufacturers to introduce incremental change, giving priority to those areas of the business that afford the quickest ROI

    By investing in the development of a clear customer-focused transformation strategy and choosing an ERP partner that understands their industry, these manufacturers are gorging ahead with business growth

    Our Epicor ERP customers were able to react quickly to changes in the business landscape, with the agility and visibility to implement effective solutions