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    Simplify Payroll in the Middle East

    Human Resources is critical to all organizations, and with the right focus, it becomes a highly strategic center for growth. Epicor Payroll MEA streamlines and simplifies payroll compliance and processes so HR can focus on more high-impact activities like recruitment, training, and employee engagement.

    With Epicor Payroll MEA, you can:

    • Eliminate manual processes
    • Cut payroll costs
    • Simplify compliance in Middle Eastern countries

    Streamline and Manage
Payroll With
Epicor Payroll MEA

    Key Features

    Middle East Labor Law Compliance

    Simplify compliance with labor laws in UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar.

    Employee Attendance

    Track attendance, overtime, and salary revisions and integrate with biometric systems for security and accuracy.

    Education Allowances

    Manage education allowance requests, approvals, one-time settlements, and monthly repayments.

    Employee Portal

    Self-service portal lets you view and manage payslips, leave and loan requests, bank accounts, and more.

    Loan Processing

    Manage employee loan requests, approvals, repayment schedules, holds, and amortization.

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    Epicor Payroll MEA Customer Success Stories

    Bond Interiors

    “Epicor Payroll MEA embedded with employee self-service has turned our payroll process into a simple and fast process—a positive experience which reduces effort on the paycheck process and enables us to focus more on human capital management.”

    Santosh Patnaik
    Strategy Manager

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    Streamline and Manage
Payroll With
Epicor Payroll MEA

    Epicor Payroll MEA

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