Epicor Shortlisted for Two of the Middle East’s Most Prestigious Channel Awards


I am extremely excited to announce that the international Epicor channel partner program has been shortlisted by Channel Middle East and Reseller Middle East, arguably the region’s two most respected channel publications, as one of the best vendor channel programs. While the winners will be announced at gala dinners on May 1 and May 10 respectively, even being considered for these awards, given that the program is still in its infancy, is very gratifying and a testament to the value that the program has already delivered for our international partners and customers. Epicor Shortlisted for Two of the Middle East’s Most Prestigious Channel Awards

In a previous blog, I talked about why we felt it so important to overhaul our partner program. Essentially, we realized that many of the smaller partners bring significant value to the table thanks to their specialisms, but were not getting rewarded for this. The new Epicor channel partner program rewards and incentivizes partners for the value they bring to the relationship, irrespective of their size and brand. There are three key elements that set our program apart from the rest:

  1. Joint assessment. During this assessment, which takes place once a year, we help the partner identify market opportunities, core skills and their unique selling proposition as an Epicor business partner. It also allows us to identify potential learning needs and skills gaps that we can work together to address. The outcome of this assessment is a comprehensive joint business plan to help the partner rapidly grow their business within their chosen market.
  2. Choice of partnership. Uniquely, the Epicor partner program gives partners the choice of how they would like to partner with us. We give them the ability to service their customers’ needs and grow their capabilities that will in turn allow them to differentiate their business in the ERP market.
  3. Margins based on 'value'. Under the new program, partners are rewarded for doing what they do well but just as importantly, they’re incentivized for making improvements in areas of their business where they may be less proficient.

The values have been grouped into three key pillars: 

  • Financial—for example, quotas, forecasting and reporting, renewal percentage, up-sell, etc.
  • Functional—for example, sales resources, marketing, lead-gen, business and marketing plan, quarterly business review (QBR), etc.
  • Technical—for example, solution engineers, technical consultants, Epicor certifications, L1/L2 support capability, etc.
Epicor a contender vfor Two of the Middle East’s Most Prestigious Channel AwardsEach pillar is designed to improve the business flow with Epicor. At the same time, they bring a level of consistency in expectation which all leads to one thing, helping the partners to grow their business.

While drastic, the changes we have made to the program have not only been very well received from our existing partner eco-system but have also created a lot of interest in the market from new prospective partners. With a focus on quality over quantity, this has enabled us to be selective and ensure we onboard the right partners that will bring the expected value. 

In fact, to date, in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, we have signed and on-boarded 16 partners to the new partner program. These partners, many of them smaller niche players, have already started paying dividends—we have seen a marked improvement in pipeline generated from partners, the number of certified partner consultants, marketing collateral generated by partners and, most importantly, revenue! 

To get a partners’ perspective, I would like to leave you with a few thoughts from Stuart Scanlon, Founder of epic ERP and Epicor partner in South Africa, on how being part of our new partner program has helped him better support customers and grow his business:

"As part of the new channel program, Epicor worked closely with us to understand what we needed from them as a vendor and we set out a mutual plan. One such example was that our market was calling for a true cloud-based solution on a flexible subscription. We found that it was more the choice that customers were looking for and the Epicor flexibility of allowing customers to decide how they want the solution rendered had the largest impact. 

Epicor has provided credibility and the necessary tools to deliver consistent results through not only continuing to educate the team in product standards and functionality, but also in the Epicor Signature Methodology. The standard methodology continues to help us drive consistent results, which starts at the very point when a customer first engages with us in the evaluation of Epicor Software. 

As a result of the support from Epicor, within less than one year our business grew from a brand new business unit, being part of a larger group, to being a profitable business that required its own infrastructure and resources to support this phenomenal growth

We are always looking to add new partners to the Epicor network. At the moment we are particularly looking for partners in Iraq, Kenya, parts of North Africa, Saudi, South Africa and Tanzania. For those resellers that are interested in learning more about this program or finding out how they can join the network, please send an email with your company profile to EMEAchannel@epicor.com or channelapac@epicor.com, depending on where you are located. An associate from the Epicor partner management team will get in touch with you to run the initial screening process and answer any questions you may have. 

Posted by Hesham El Komy, Senior Director International Channel, Epicor Software


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