Epicor CTO and CIO Address the Institute of Product Leadership Conference


Himanshu Palsule, chief product and technology officer and Mark Mincin, chief information officer at Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, recently spoke at a conference on 'products, leadership, and innovation' in Bengaluru, India. Organised by the Institute of Product Leadership, the seminar—titled 'a day in the life of a product manager'—was delivered to professionals in the services and product sectors, sharing insight into the role of a product manager, and the skills required for continued success within their chosen career path.Himanshu Palsule CTO Epicor Software_

Product managers and growth
In his talk, Palsule focused on the critical role a product manager plays in the product lifecycle, including the need for non-linear thinking and managing a process of daily evolution. He stressed the importance of fully understanding the marketplace, product capabilities and customer demands. According to him the product development philosophy is about observing the details, and ask a lot of questions, then learn from the process and deliver an improved solution. He also noted that India as a country is continuing to change its focus from being a service industry to becoming an expert in product and solutions development.

Mark Mincin CIO Epicor Software_Palsule said, "At Epicor, we often ask ourselves 'why should customers buy our products?' In doing so, we are forced to look for the one idea which will differentiate us and our products from the competition. We believe in the 'differentiate or die philosophy', which is why USPs (unique selling points) are so important to us." 

Global product management
Mincin participated as a key panellist in a discussion on 'Global Product Management'. Highlighting India’s product development capabilities, he spoke about how the country is a world leader in terms of product development and innovation, and why it’s depth of talent is key to it becoming a preferred market for expansion, with a high aptitude towards product development.

Both discussions led on to how Epicor has established a direct presence in India with the launch of its India Technology Center (ITC) in Bengaluru in 2015. A key component of the company’s global strategy to lead and support product innovation and development, the center is already successfully enhancing product development, support and services. Its location means Epicor can take advantage of the growing Indian talent pool in the area.

Talking about the centre Palsule said, "India is a major part of our innovation engine, and with the ITC turning into a productive research and development workshop, we are generating some big future product concepts. The centre has a 350 member strong team and it is still steadily growing, which means we continue to actively hire talented staff."

To see the list of current job openings at Epicor in India: http://jobs.epicor.com 


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