Three Diverse Operating Systems, One ERP Database


Headquartered in England, KMF is the market leader in the supply of precision sheet metal fabrication and engineering solutions. With the newly formed KMF Group, the company consists of KMF Precision Sheet Metal, KMF Precision Engineering as well as their sister company in Slovakia, KMF Slovakia. Together, these organizations have combined to deliver fully integrated bespoke metal work and precision sheet metal fabrication solutions with over 110,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space. Three Diverse Operating Systems, One ERP Database

With three different organizations, the company faces challenges in synchronizing the historical data of its diverse operating systems into one ERP database. Using the Epicor Data Management Tool (DMT) makes it possible to simplify the future integration process should KMF decide to merge all three sites into one. Epicor DMT was developed to import, update, and delete application data safely and efficiently.

Keith Nicholl, operations director, KMF Group explained, "The inability to absorb not only an entire organisation, but their detailed files into our system had stunted our growth for a long time. The language barriers and differing monetary and legacy systems were too much to overcome until we launched Epicor DMT. It literally took just four days to download the information from our latest acquisition into Epicor ERP. We turned off the old system on Thursday, did the transfer on Friday and began working with all the new, fresh data on Monday."

Keith Nicholl-Operations Director-KMF Group

Jeng Lim, systems analyst at KMF said, "We needed a way to synchronize the information between all three companies to better understand each organization’s customers and develop methods for selling company wide solutions rather than single jobs."

With the help of Epicor ERP and Epicor DMT, the systems were able to:

  1. Import historical data from multiple, distinct systems into Epicor
  2. Provide the pipeline for verifying, validating, and merging details from all three companies on a cell-by-cell basis
  3. Clean data for use in a user-friendly manner without gaps
  4. Develop methods for selling company-wide solutions

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