United Electric Supply: Increases Employee Productivity and Net Profits

Epicor Eclipse

With over 20 locations spread across the US, the most positive increase for United Electric Supply's profit margin was selecting Epicor Eclipse with SPA program (Strategic Pricing Associates)

Industry: Distribution
Video Type: Success Story
Duration: 3:23

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United Electric: Customer Success Story

Product: Epicor Eclipse

Video Type: Success Story

Duration: 3:50

Description: Epicor Eclipse provides this large, full-line electrical distributor with a scalable, industry-specific ERP solution that can handle growth.


Eclipse is a dominant solution in our industry… Epicor has a good roadmap; they are executing on the plan, and the features I see coming soon have real value to us….Epicor is feeding us changes to Eclipse even faster than we can implement them.

Rich Chadwick, Director of Organizational Improvement | United Electric Supply