Real-Time Data Improved Operations - Brazos


Epicor BisTrack software gives Brazos Forest Products real-time data to effectively operate the business

Industry: LBM
Video Type: Video Success Story
Duration: 2:40

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More Competitive and Better Customer Service With BisTrack - Brazos

Product: BisTrack

Video Type: Video Success Story

Duration: 2:17

Description: Brazos Forest Products seamlessly runs business and is more competitive with the robust Epicor BisTrack solution


BisTrack software has allowed us to grow and reach new markets quicker. It gives us a chance to expand our offerings, because we can look at our inventory levels and see products that are selling fast, as well as what's not leaving the shelves. From there, we can make business-changing decisions instantaneously.

Calan Morgan, IT Support | Brazos Forest Products