Prophet 21 Streamlines Operations From Front-to-Back of House for Fastener Distributor

Epicor Prophet 21

Watch how a fastener distributor uses Prophet 21 and the wireless warehouse module to optimize distribution operations and streamline business processes.

Industry: Distribution
Video Type: Success Story
Duration: 2:13

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One of the great things about Prophet 21-and what we've been able to do with it-is we can see so deep into our business so quickly. If we're having an issue in a product line, if we're having an issue in a facility, a sales process, a pricing issue, anything like that, there's a mountain of data at our fingertips. Once you become adept at extracting that information, getting that visibility very quickly, getting it into the hands of the right people, you can make very impactful business decisions.

Andrew Podner, Chief Operating Officer | Birmingham Fastener, Inc.