Paul's Ace Hardware - Loyalty Programs and Gift Cards with Epicor Eagle

Epicor Eagle N Series

With the Eagle Loyalty Program, Paul's Ace Hardware has increased its numbers significantly over the years and can target customers much easier. The In-Store Gift Cards with Epicor Eagle can be seamlessly used for the Employee Incentive Program, for customer returns and for donations.

Industry: Retail
Video Type: Video Success Story
Duration: 2:53

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Paul's Ace Hardware - Improved Financial Operations with Epicor Eagle N Series

Product: Epicor Eagle N Series

Video Type: Video Success Story

Duration: 2:32

Description: With the Eagle N Series software, the financial operations in Paul's Ace Hardware are automated; the system is versatile and offers the capability of tracking invoices and sales history all the way from the sale down to the payment, which makes everything a lot easier and quicker.

Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of each industry and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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