More Competitive with Epicor BisTrack - Ridgefield

Epicor BisTrack

Epicor BisTrack software helps Ridgefield Supply Company be more competitive by enabling real-time access to customer and business data

Industry: LBM
Video Type: Success Story
Duration: 1:34

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Enterprise Access to Information Fosters Growth - Ridgefield

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Epicor BisTrack Creates Dispatch and Delivery Efficiencies and Saves Time - Ridgefield

Product: Epicor BisTrack

Video Type: Success Story

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Description: Epicor BisTrack applications seamlessly tie in Ridgefield Supply Company business operations


We realized that we were not getting the information we needed out of that system. Every time we had to research something or look for data, it took a long time and endless work to get little bits of information in order for our company to run. We ended up selecting BisTrack software because we realized it was a platform that would allow us to get the information we need, exactly when we need it-whether trying a quick SQL query or creating a dashboard that a customer, employee, or manager needs to make a decision. We can now quickly access that data, whether it's emailed, displayed on a smartphone, or on a computer. With BisTrack software we can get that information in a quick and efficient manner.

Michael Sonderman, Operations Manager | Ridgefield Supply Company