Lee’s Home Center Can’t Run Their Business Without Eagle N Series

Epicor Eagle N Series

Lee’s Home Center relies heavily on Epicor Eagle N Series and plays a huge role in how they run their business. A customer for 25 years, Lee’s upgraded from the Eagle system to Eagle N Series which has improved productivity with the new ribbon menu, email capabilities at POS, built-in analytics, and said it’s a no brainer to upgrade to the new system.

Industry: Retail
Video Type: Success Story
Duration: 4:54

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Lee’s Home Center Improves Productivity with Eagle N Series

Product: Epicor Eagle

Video Type: Success Story

Duration: 3:54

Description: Lee’s Home Center chose Epicor Eagle N Series to keep up with the times.


Over the years, Epicor has played a huge role in how we run our business. We absolutely rely on our Eagle system every day. We couldn't run our business without it. I say that Eagle is like a reliable employee that's always there and never quits.

Dan Vogel, IT Manager | Lee's Home Center