Inventory Best Practices with Epicor Eagle

Epicor Eagle

Cox Hardware utilizes Epicor Eagle's inventory best practices for business success. Good inventory management affects a business' bottom line, making Eagle an essential solution for Cox Hardware's retail needs.

Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
Video Type: Success Story
Duration: 4:57

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Cox Hardware: Simplifying Complexities of a Hardware Business with Epicor Eagle Solutions

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Description: Hardware stores are highly complex, Cox Hardware and Lumber Owner Virgil Cox talks about streamlining and simplify operations with Epicor Eagle solutions.

Epicor Payment Exchange for Eagle

Product: Epicor Eagle

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Description: Virgil Cox of Cox Hardware discusses the benefits his company has received since implementing Epicor Payment Exchange credit card processing platform.

Epicor Eagle N Series: An Elemental Piece of Cox Hardware and Lumber

Product: Epicor Eagle

Video Type: Success Story

Duration: 3:51

Description: Committed to staying technologically current as a competitive imperative, Cox Hardware and Lumber recently upgraded to the Epicor Eagle N Series retail business management solution.


Epicor Eagle N Series software merges everything we've bought and built to date, enabling intelligent, timelier and ultimately more profitable decisions. The Eagle N Series solution 'brings to life' Compass analytics because it puts useful analytics into employees' hands.

Virgil Cox, Owner | Cox Hardware and Lumber