Epicor Eagle N Series: Foundation for the Future

Epicor Eagle N Series

Every business has its own vision of success—higher profits, more locations, expanded product or service offerings, you name it. With a familiar user interface, tons of simplifications, embedded analytics and streamlined workflows built in, Epicor Eagle N Series simplifies how you run your business.

Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
Video Type: General
Duration: 7:09

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Epicor® Eagle N Series™: Simplified Processes and Workflows

Product: Epicor Eagle N Series

Video Type: General

Duration: 6:45

Description: Ease-of-use is about completing everyday processes, even complex ones, quickly and easier.

Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of each industry and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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