Delivery Improvements with Epicor BisTrack - Sears Trostel

Epicor BisTrack

Sears Trostel Lumber Company runs leaner operations because of the functionality in Epicor BisTrack software

Industry: LBM
Video Type: Video Success Story
Duration: 1:49

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Epicor BisTrack: A Well-Suited Solution - Sears Trostel

Product: Epicor BisTrack

Video Type: Video Success Story

Duration: 2:34

Description: Sears Trostel Lumber Company uses the well-fitted Epicor BisTrack solution to efficiently run operations


All the areas in BisTrack software are interconnected, so it's easy to get the information we need quickly without backing out to a main area and coming back in a different path.

Curt Viehmeyer, Owner and General Manager | Sears Trostel