Cox Hardware: Simplifying Complexities of a Hardware Business with Epicor Eagle Solutions

Epicor Eagle

Hardware stores are highly complex, Cox Hardware and Lumber Owner Virgil Cox talks about streamlining and simplify operations with Epicor Eagle solutions.

Industry: Retail Hard Goods
Video Type: Success Story
Duration: 2:42

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Epicor Eagle N Series: An Elemental Piece of Cox Hardware and Lumber

Product: Epicor Eagle

Video Type: Success Story

Duration: 3:51

Description: Committed to staying technologically current as a competitive imperative, Cox Hardware and Lumber recently upgraded to the Epicor Eagle N Series retail business management solution.


Epicor Eagle N Series software merges everything we've bought and built to date, enabling intelligent, timelier and ultimately more profitable decisions. The Eagle N Series solution 'brings to life' Compass analytics because it puts useful analytics into employees' hands.

Virgil Cox, Owner | Cox Hardware and Lumber