Complete ERP System Enables Complete Customer Service for Baxter

Epicor ERP

Baxter Manufacturing leverages Epicor ERP software to help its customers create authentic experiences for consumers.

Industry: Manufacturing
Video Type: Success Story
Duration: 1:51

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Baxter Manufacturing: Accessible Efficiency

Product: Epicor ERP

Video Type: Success Story

Duration: 2:14

Description: Learn how Epicor ERP is improving operations and increasing efficiency for Baxter, a global leader in designing and manufacturing cookware and baking equipment.


When we actually jumped to Epicor ERP 10, the product configurator changes were incredible from 9.05, and the efficiency change in running a job was also amazing. We were hearing from our users speed improvements of 30 percent, but I think it's been much faster than that for us-it's been a huge timesaver that makes it a worthy investment to upgrade our ERP.

Jack Pennypacker, Network Administrator, Baxter Manufacturing