Accurate Inventory with Epicor Eagle® Mobile RF for Multi-Locations

Epicor Eagle

Smith and Edwards Co. uses Epicor Eagle-enhanced Mobile RF guns to improve accuracy and help customers more efficiently.

Industry: Retail
Video Type: Success Story
Duration: 1:27

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Easy-to-Manage Promotions with Epicor Eagle®

Product: Epicor Eagle

Video Type: Success Story

Duration: 1:22

Description: Smith and Edwards Co. understands it’s important to keep careful control of promotions to boost sales. They utilize promotions reporting in Epicor Compass and Epicor Dynamic Promotions software to customize promotions.


We lean almost entirely on our Epicor Eagle N Series software and other Epicor applications to smoothly manage operations. No matter if we are working on manufacturing, soft goods, firearms, or back-office tasks, there is an Epicor solution that helps us make our business run better, more efficiently, and be more profitable. Epicor is a great partner.

Craig Smith, CEO | Smith and Edwards