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  • As both consumers and staff trend more toward a younger, digitally savvy demographic, lumber and building materials (LBM) businesses need to take advantage of mobile tools or risk losing business to the competition.

    Mobile technologies can bring incredible benefits to LBM enterprises for delivery and dispatch, field sales, the selling floor, and the warehouse.

    Check out this Epicor Tip Sheet and discover eight ways your LBM business can leverage mobile technologies to foster growth.

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    Seizing the Mobile Advantage

    Learn how mobile tools can help you grow

    Improved Delivery Management

    Mobile tools let you track and manage deliveries with greater precision

    Better Customer Service

    Instantly answer inventory, pricing, and product questions

    Technology Driving Revenue

    Enable staff to collect payments on the spot with mobile payment apps

    “The software is definitely a plus for rapid response to customer inquiries”

    David Jones, President | Brookside Lumber