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  • The lumber and building materials (LBM) industry has long been an early adopter of mobile technologies, as sales are often made in the yard, in the aisles, or at jobsites—rather than traditional points of sale (POS).

    As mobile devices and apps become more commonplace, LBM businesses need to take advantage of these tools or risk losing business.

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    Seizing the Mobile Advantage

    Help your LBM business outpace the competition

    Optimize your Inventory

    Mobile apps help keep inventory and delivery information up to date.

    Serve Customers in the Aisles

    Instantly answer inventory, pricing, and product questions in the aisles.

    Drive Revenue with Payment Apps

    Enable staff to collect payments on the spot.

    “The software is deinitely a plus for rapid response to customer inquiries”

    David Jones, President | Brookside Lumber