• Customer Relationship Management for Prophet 21

  • Prophet 21® takes a three-pronged approach to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

    The first is sales force automation, where your sales representatives have the lead generation tools to manage their pipeline and up-sell to customers. You can track lead/sales progress by defining opportunities, setting sales stages, and employing a full suite of sales analytics to measure your sales reps’ pipelines.

    The second part of the Prophet 21 CRM approach is contact management. This goes beyond maintaining customer addresses and phone numbers, to actually tracking customers’ buying habits so you can anticipate their needs.

    Finally, CRM includes marketing capabilities. These include tools that allow you to fax and e-mail from the solution, generate lead generation call lists, and, most importantly, manage call center activity, enabling you to increase your customer base at a minimal cost.

    Read more about Epicor Prophet 21 distribution software:

    Wholesale Distribution Software that Works for You

    Prophet 21 can be implemented either onsite or remotely via an application service provider (ASP) or a hardware hosting option.

    As part of the Epicor Distribution Suite, Prophet 21 integrates with many value-add modules, including Epicor’s Proof of Delivery, Strategic Pricing, and Service Dispatch.

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