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    Farm and Supply Stores

    Point-of-Sale (POS) and Retail Management Software to Help You Cultivate Your Farm-Ag Business

    Epicor Eagle N Series software helps farm and home retailers buy smart, then engage closely with customers to keep them coming back and spending more.

    • Focus fully on your customers—even during the busy spring season, by using proven processes, advanced POS, and online and mobile technologies to manage daily operations
    • Optimize purchasing, inventory, and overall business performance by making fast, informed decisions using intuitive on-screen analytics
    • Maximize your overall margins by tracking them down to the SKU level, diversifying product mix, and optimizing prices
    • Cut inventory costs without sacrificing revenue—yes, by buying smart, but also with smart choices and precision timing, for one or a dozen locations

    “Epicor solutions have helped us better manage our business from inventory and order points, to receiving and promotions. They assist us with our business improvement and growth goals.”
    Adam Carroll, vice president, Big R Holdingscor

    40+ Years Experience Developing Software to Help Farm and Home Retail Businesses Thrive

    Expertise and built-in industry best practices to improve efficiencies and drive growth across your farm-ag business

    Epicor Prophet 21 Virtual Tour and Demo

    Eagle N Series Virtual Tour

    Explore how Eagle N Series enhances retail business performance.

    The Competitive Advantage of Mobility eBook

    Epicor for Farming and Agriculture

    Increase profitability, improve buying, and optimize inventory for your busiest seasons.

    Growing a Modern, Integrated Distributor

    Managing Your Margins

    Learn a measurable way to set optimal prices, that enables revenue growth, maintains profits, and keeps customers coming back.

    Epicor Eagle N Series—a leading end-to-end business solution for farm and home retailers

    A fully integrated retail POS system to drive growth, profitability, and customer loyalty

     Integrated Retail POS

    Optimize your business —from customer orders and POS, to inventory management, financials , mobile and online capabilities.

     Connected Retail

    Discover how three independent retailers are working to provide an amazing customer experience no matter where their customers shop... Be it in the digital world, brick and mortar stores, at home or on the job site.

     Retail Workforce Management

    A cloud-based solution that allows you to forecast staffing needs and manage staff scheduling easier and more accurately.

    Retailers in over 7,200 locations rely on Eagle to help them drive their business forward

    Radox Case Study

    Epicor and Family Farm and Home

    Discover how Family Farm and Home relied on Epicor Eagle to help them drive their growth plan, handling every aspect of the business.

    SoyuzBalt Complect Case Study

    Epicor and Olsen’s Grain, Inc

    See how Olsen’s Grain decreased inventory by 15%, cut credit card processing costs, and built a robust loyalty program that is pleasing customers.

    Frigotehnica Case Study

    Epicor and Klem’s

    Find out how Klem’s reduced inventory by 10%, increased turns by 15%, and optimized inventory with the right mix of products, resulting in fewer stock-outs and happier customers.

  • Latest News

    • The Amazon Effect
      I've been an avid Amazon Prime member for years. As someone who traveled 100+ nights a year, the ability to purchase anything from batteries, to water filters, to soap while traveling and have it waiting at my door when I got home was a lifesaver.

    • Epicor Team Member Spotlight: Chris Scharling
      Team Member Spotlight is a bimonthly series from the Epicor Life blog that features employees who have an interesting story to tell. Our first team member to grace our spotlight is Chris Scharling. Chris is currently a product content owner at DocStar, a collaborative cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) and automated accounts payable (AP) solutions to the Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions portfolio.

    • discrete-manufacturing-choice
      Discrete manufacturers need ERP solutions that support their choices, whether it’s designing a new product, changing processes, or entering a new market.

    • discrete-manufacturing-responsiveness

    • Adding the Right Value Added Services to your Business
      I just finished a new white paper on Value Added Services, a topic we'll be focusing on heavily throughout the next month or so. We all need to stand apart from competition. It's becoming a lot harder for small and mid-sized companies to differentiate themselves to appeal to new customers, retain existing customers, and add new revenue streams. And adding the right value-added services is key to doing all three.

    • Using Everything in Your Brain Box
      You’ve probably heard the statistic that we only use about 10% of our brain. That’s not true. Sorry to burst your bubble. It is true though that we only use a small fraction of it for conscious thought. There is, however, a middle area that isn’t under our conscious control that we can still use.

    • FABTECH Wrap: A New Approach for a New Manufacturing Era

      Recently, the Epicor manufacturing team was at FABTECH in Atlanta, briefing customers, prospects and the media on how Epicor ERP is helping manufacturers maintain their competitive edge and gear up for growth. 


    • Insights 2019 Epicor Customer Conference
      Insights 2019 Epicor Customer Conference, 15-18 April 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

    • AC Brothers

      A.C. Brothers Accurate, Real-Time Data From Epicor ERP Helps A.C. Brothers Improve Decision-Making Founded in India in 1972, A.C. Brothers is a market leader in gifts and home accessories. Today, the company makes hard goods such as wooden and metal designer home furniture and accessories using the tradition

    • Square Peg in a Round Hole
      If you’ve ever bought a suit, you know how hard it is to find the perfect fit right off the shelf. The jacket may fit perfectly, but the arms are a little too long. Maybe the pants are the right length, but the waist needs to be taken in. Overall, the suit is a great fit, but it’s not perfect.

  • Epicor Eagle N Series solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of retailers and are available in the cloud, hosted, or on-premises. Retailers can grow their business, provide an exceptional customer experience, and streamline their operations.

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