• Business Efficiency for Plumbing Distributors

    Epicor Eclipse – best-in-class for Plumbing products, inventory and job services

    • Best-in-class Processes – get the high efficiency that only a focused distribution system can deliver.
    • Plumbing – automate and organize those special processes like counter sales, showroom, cut-products, cross references and job management.
    • Product Data – keep up with the mounds of product SKUs and vendor cross-references needed for today’s products.
    • Job Management – give your project office a deep visibility into bid-to-ship-to-invoice, including change orders, mobile delivery and progress payments.

    “In the first year after implementation, we increased sales by 12 percent. In addition, since going live, I firmly believe Eclipse has improved our overall productivity by 80 percent.”
    Veronica Guillen-Simon, Vice President, Guillens Enterprises, Inc

    A Total Business Solution for More Productive, Efficient Operations

    Epicor Eclipse offers built-in Plumbing Supply and PVF Distribution expertise to drive efficiency, productivity, and growth for your business.

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    Unique functions just for Plumbing Distributors

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    See how Epicor Eclipse can work for you. .

    Eclipse Value Summary

    Increase sales, boost productivity, and stand out from competition. Learn how in this Eclipse Overview.

    Epicor Eclipse-a “Perfect Fit” for Plumbing Distributors

    Stand out from your competition with Plumbing specials, best-in-class inventory, and job management tools.

    Plumbing Specials

    Unique, built-in functions like cut-product management, cross references, product data, counter and wireless showroom.

    Best-in-class Inventory

    Optimize your thru-put with proactive work queues, carton packing, advanced cycle counting, and wireless warehousing.

    Job Management

    Visibility into your projects – BOMs, bidding, deliveries, progress payments, returns, change order tracking, more.

    Customer Success Stories:
    Improving Efficiency and Productivity for Plumbing Distributors

    Epicor & Guillen’s Enterprises

    Discover how this plumbing supply distributor increased sales by 12% in the first year, and improved productivity by 80%

    Read the story »

    Epicor and REAMS Sprinkler Supply Co

    Learn how this Eclipse user decreased increased inventory and improved turns, while seeing a 20% increase in productivity.

    Read the story »

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      Epicor:雖然面對困難時期 全球企業增長仍處上升趨勢 Epicor公布全球增長指數監察製造業企業增長表現 Hong Kong 2018-06-01 在全球而言,雖然半數廠商承認他們正面臨挑戰,但去年製造業仍錄得增長達 3.7%( 最新指數為 103.7) 。這是全球行業專用企業軟件供應商並致力協助企業增長的 Epicor 軟件公司今天發布的全球增長指數 (Global Growth Index) 其中一項重要發現。 透過追蹤 14 個地區的製造業企業表現,增長指數旨在研究全球企業增長水平。以去年結果作為基數 (100) ,研究發

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  • The Epicor Eclipse system meets the unique inventory and business needs of Plumbing Distributors - available in cloud, hosted, or on-premises versions. As a result, you can reduce costs and better serve your customers. .

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