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    Drive Growth and Productivity With Epicor Prophet 21

    • Drive Growth – reach more customers, deliver more information, speed up sales-cycles, expand your coverage, lower support costs, and add services to attract new customers and defend your current accounts.
    • Increase Productivity – get to the bottom line from fewer clicks using productivity and analytical tools like work queues, inventory optimization, PO variance, special pricing, vendor rebate tracking, customer profitability analysis and strategic pricing.
    • Stand out from your Competition – discover tools that add value to set you apart and keep your customers coming back – kitting and assembly, process and production orders, VMI, rentals and field services.

    View our recent webinar to discover ways to improve your competitive advantage through service, as well how to better clarify your business model via an increasingly web-based purchasing process.

    A Total Business Solution for Growth

    Prophet 21 offers built-in Industrial Distribution expertise to grow your business.

    Prophet 21 Value Summary

    Increase sales, boost productivity, and stand out from competition. Learn how in this P21 Overview.

    Epicor Prophet21 Wholesale Distribution Software - Virtual Tour

    Prophet 21 Virtual Tour

    Out-of-the box functionality for Industrial Distributors – See how Prophet 21 is like no other solution

    Epicor for Industrial Distributors

    Learn supporting key initiatives for your industry.

    More than ERP – Everything an Industrial Distributor Needs

    Get deep functionality for today’s business demands – new value to grow your customers – and extensibility to manage tomorrow’s risk.

    Discover Prophet 21

    Discover the functional depth of an end-to-end solution specifically for industrial distributors.

    Responsiveness and
    New Service Offerings

    More responsive service with mobility, and new services for your industrial customers.

    Getting to the Cloud

    On-premise, in the Cloud, both? Grow comfortably into the Cloud with a choice of deployment models.

    Customer Success Stories: Abatix and TJ Snow

    Epicor & Abatix

    Since implementing a more flexible ERP solution able to keep pace with its evolving business, Texas-based industrial distributor Abatix has increased sales by 40 percent.

    Read the story »

    TJ Snow

    Prophet 21 helped TJ Snow survive the economic downturn and start growing again. Now the same system is helping the Tennessee-based distributor plan for the future

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  • Latest News

    • AC Brothers

      A.C. Brothers Accurate, Real-Time Data From Epicor ERP Helps A.C. Brothers Improve Decision-Making Founded in India in 1972, A.C. Brothers is a market leader in gifts and home accessories. Today, the company makes hard goods such as wooden and metal designer home furniture and accessories using the tradition

    • Square Peg in a Round Hole
      If you’ve ever bought a suit, you know how hard it is to find the perfect fit right off the shelf. The jacket may fit perfectly, but the arms are a little too long. Maybe the pants are the right length, but the waist needs to be taken in. Overall, the suit is a great fit, but it’s not perfect.

    • Longtime Epicor Ultimate Software Users Grow Faster with Epicor Vision Solution
      Boasting a robust range of features and offering reliable performance, legacy Epicor Ultimate business management software has, for years, been a popular choice among leading aftermarket parts distributors.

    • Epicor Smart Inspection 2.0 Workflow Solution to Integrate with CarMD PRO SCAN Diagnostic Tool
      In today’s fast-paced aftermarket, a shop’s ability to generate gains in speed, efficiency, and accuracy is the key to building a loyal customer base and strong margins. To make vehicle inspection, diagnostic, and repair processes faster and more efficient for automotive service businesses, Epicor will integrate its Smart Inspection 2.0 workflow solution with the new CarMD PRO SCAN diagnostic tool from CarMD.com Corporation.

    • Innovative New Epicor Solutions Offer Aftermarket Businesses Market Demand Tracking and Pricing Analytics Capabilities
      The automotive aftermarket is ever-changing, driven by evolving consumer demands and new technologies. For businesses seeking a competitive edge in a dynamic market, the ability to identify new product opportunities and optimize pricing and revenue generation is paramount. Enter MarketPACE, Epicor’s new series of industry data analytics solutions for automotive aftermarket manufacturers and distributors.

    • Epicor Enhances Eagle for the Aftermarket Solution with New Features and Add-On Business Growth Tools
      The Epicor Eagle for the Aftermarket solution-a powerful, comprehensive business management platform designed to help aftermarket businesses grow faster and sell more replacement parts-has been enhanced with new tools and features aimed at improving inventory accuracy, customer service, and staffing decisions. Epicor is highlighting these enhancements this week during the 2018 AAPEX Show in Las Vegas.

    • Epicor Debuts ‘Vehicle Repair Profile’ Feature for Users of Integrated Service Estimator and B2B eStore Solutions

      Epicor prides itself on being a true technology partner to its customers, a role that involves offering more than just the next great technology platform—it also means continuously enhancing existing solutions in a way that adds value for customers. One of the company’s latest innovations—being demonstrated Oct. 30 through Nov. 1 at the 2018 AAPEX Show in Las Vegas—is a new, easy-to-use “Vehicle Repair Profile” feature that provides Epicor Integrated Service Estimator (ISE) and Epicor Parts Network B2B eStore users with critical, vehicle-specific parts replacement data.

    • Calibre Equipment

      "Every time we set up an office, we can tap into the cloud-hosted environment from anywhere and allow them to be on the ball with all the information at their fingertips.”
      Jenna Smolenski, Chief Operating Officer | Calibre Equipment

    • The Mind-Body Connection
      One of the people on my team has a routine. She studies a topic she has to write about, takes some notes, and then goes on a walk. Often when I begin designing a project, I’ll throw up notes on a whiteboard and pace back and forth in front of it while tossing a baseball in my hand.

    • New PartExpert GFX eCatalog Interface Helps Users Find Parts Quicker and Complete More Sales
      At last year's AAPEX Show in Las Vegas, Epicor gave attendees their first look at the revolutionary PartExpert GFX eCatalog Interface, designed to enhance traditional menu-driven lookup prompts with highly detailed system visualizations featuring embedded part intelligence. This year, Epicor is pleased to report that this innovative technology is working as intended, helping users grow sales, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

  • The Epicor Prophet 21 system meets the unique needs of Industrial Distributors and is available in the cloud, hosted, or on premises. As a result, you can reduce business complexity and better focus on your customers’ needs.

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