• Sales Audit

  • Having accurate sales data to pass to your downstream systems - merchandising, supply chain, and financials - is critical to a retailers business. Epicor sales audit solutions are easy-to-use software that ensures the integrity of your sales data and streamlines the audit process with an integrated, intuitive application.

    Epicor Sales Audit loads and processes point-of-sale transactions across your enterprise and validates based on your pre-defined validation settings. You'll know, by business day, how many of your locations have open errors and how many locations are missing. Our intelligent error detection will update your sales auditor's view of over/shorts by tender and errors conditions such as missing transaction and SKU not on file. The intuitive flow for research and resolution and ability to drill into a transaction, search the electronic journal, or complete a mass update will increase the overall effectiveness of your sales audit staff.

    Epicor Sales Audit's seamless integration to Epicor Merchandising and Inventory and Epicor Financials allows your accurate, audited sales data to flow to these downstream systems updating sales, inventory and postings to your General Ledger. Sales Audit can also provide the same data to external solutions.

    Epicor Sales Audit solutions provide a new level of accountability for revenue by strengthening the accuracy of your sales data and automating and simplifying your sales audit processes.

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