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  • Fast Forward to iScala 2.3 SR2

  • iScala 2.3 SR2 is one of the broadest iScala releases ever, providing enhanced finance, logistics and manufacturing functionality as well as delivering usability and system performance improvements.

    iScala 2.3 SR2 was designed for businesses like yours, with this release we’ve improved it to deliver exactly the type of extended functionality you need in order to stay competitive in today's challenging market. What's more, iScala 2.3 SR2 offers rapid upgrade and ROI using Epicor’s® proven implementation methodology.

    iScala 2.3 SR2 is customer centric, with emphasis being placed on removing barriers to business growth, improved support for cost management and adding support for changes in global business needs. iScala 2.3 SR2 delivers on our product strategy - Protect, Extend and Converge - with enhancements in key areas including:

    • Support for larger installations needing to process more financial transactions per year with greater automated posting capabilities.
    • Support for centralized installations with Service Connect processes supporting many iScala companies within a single installation.
    • Adding support for changes in legislation and banking including the European SEPA standard and the SAF-T audit reporting standard.
    • Enhancing core functionality for our key vertical markets.
    • Continuing our focus on corporate governance and security to help reduce the costs of compliance.

    With iScala 2.3 SR2 we offer consistent and high-quality service and support where and when you need it in more than 140 countries.

    To find out more about this release you can download and read the documents available on this page or email us at  ukcustomer@epicor.com.

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  • Epicor Software推動業務增長。我們為製造、分銷、零售和服務業的客戶提供靈活及特別針對各類行業需求而設計的軟件。累積了超過 40 年經驗,Epicor對客戶獨特業務流程和操作要求有深入的了解,並將這些經驗融會我們提供的每一個雲端,主機托管或辦公室預置版方案。基於我們對客戶業務的了解,Epicor的解決方案可應付業務的複雜性,並能同時帶動公司增長。有效的方案可協助企業節省時間精力,提高效率並提升盈利能力。

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