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PLH Fashion Group Ltd. (UK)

“After switching to Epicor ERP, the dashboard function has helped us to reduce the time needed for report processing. Each department can use the dashboard to collect the same data from all around the world. The finance department no longer needs to spare its own manpower to support reporting, either. Apart from saving time and improving accuracy, our staff can focus on business growth and improve our productivity and operational efficiency.”

—Ivan Ling, Vice President of Operations | PLH

PLH Fashion Group Ltd. (CH)

引入Epicor ERP系統後,Epicor的Dashboard功能大大簡化製作報告的程 序,現在公司各部門均可利用Dashboard輕易獲得來自世界各 地的統一數據,製作所需的報告,更不需要依賴會計部同事 的協助,除了節省時間及提升準確度外,員工不再需要長時 間面對冗長的報告製作過程,便能專注於協助業務增長,提 升生產及營運效率。」凌志鵬補充。



永發玩具實業有限公司 Epicor 助企業中港資訊共享打破地域界限 公司概覽   地點:香港 行業:玩具業 網站:http://www.winfat.hk/ 公司簡介   創立於八十年代的永發玩具實業有限公司,主要從事嬰幼兒玩具生產。起 初產品集中塑膠電子類別,其後不斷擴充產品線,包括搪膠玩具、積木、布公仔以至嬰兒學行車等。永發於深圳橫崗設有廠房,由研發設計、生產(模具製作、注塑、噴油、絲/移印)及包裝等均自主一站式完成,貨品 款式超過300款,暢銷全球,當中包括新興國家。 永發擁有自家研發工程團隊及物理和化學實驗室,產品從開發之初就經過 嚴格測試,質素符


“我們採用ERP系統的經驗,系統一方面必須有高度的靈活性。因為印刷業的產品眾多,所牽涉到的物料和估價都較一般製造業為複雜。而且,印刷業其中一個特別之處,是絕 大部分公司都沒有自己的產品,一切都要視乎客戶的訂單內容,在資源規劃上有很大難 度,因此靈活的ERP系統就十分重要。而從Epicor的演示之中,我們看到其强大而易用 的功能正正可以提供這方面的靈活性。”

——呂振邦 偉民製本(中國)有限公司董事總經理

Epicor ERP 幫助亞力解決人手緊絀問題 公司概覽   地點:台灣 行業:通訊 網站:www.alliswireless.com  亞力通訊股份有限公司在1995年成立, 是由台灣上市公司亞力電機股份 有限公司投資組成, 經營目標主要在衛星通訊系統、WiFi 應用、移動通訊 (Mobility)應用、M2M(Machine-to-Machine)無線應用系統等相關產品之 設計、製造與銷售。亞力更為特殊的地理環境,如地震地區、軍事用途、高 樓建築設計、捷運、鐵路等提供WiFi 應用和無線應用系統等相關產品。而 公司在未來五年會專注在物聯網(Internet of Things
SHL Group
瑞健集團 瑞健集團透過Epicor ERP實現訊息一體化,優化全球業務運作
Companion Systems

"Since the migration to Epicor, we have nearly tripled our sales volume and have been able to manage the increased data flow without any problems."

Jason Hepworth, Controller | Companion Systems

American Time

"Epicor ERP is an incredibly dynamic solution that does virtually everything we ask of it. Most importantly, the system enabled us to tie together the triangle featuring the relationships among our company, contractors, and end users in one extremely accessible, easy-to-use reporting format. This has allowed us to identify sales patterns that opened the door to new deals and sales opportunities."

Roger Leung, Purchasing Manager | American Time

SHL Group

"Epicor service is simple and direct, allowing us to focus on our demanding operations more effectively and attentively. Our final success with Epicor ERP can be attributed not just to the company's international background, but to its ability to support SHL's demand for business integration across regions."

Ake Karlson, Managing Director of SHL Healthcare | SHL Group

Boers and Co

"By supporting a wide range of Quick Response Manufacturing processes Epicor ERP 10 provides greater flexibility which has helped us to significantly reduce our lead-times. Through being able to react much faster than ever before we have cut the time it takes us to deliver parts from eight weeks down to just three weeks." 

Ronald Koot, CEO | Boers & Co FineMetalworking Group