• Technology Solution Partner:  Microsoft

  • Epicor® has a deep, long-standing relationship with Microsoft. A consistent early adopter of Microsoft technologies, Epicor has been building business applications using Microsoft tools for over twenty years.  Epicor is committed providing its customers with industry-leading enterprise software solutions, and our ability to deliver on this commitment is strengthened by our partnership with Microsoft.

    Epicor’s dedication to evaluating, understanding and leveraging emerging technologies in order to deliver measurable business benefits to our customers has not only positioned Epicor as a technology innovator but has also created a desire within Microsoft to have Epicor help shape their technology direction. Epicor continuously participates in Microsoft Technology Adoption Programs (TAPs), offered to a very few elite partners. Through these programs, Epicor gains early access to new technology and all the tools necessary to ensure comprehensive product development, including product betas for development and test purposes and advanced technical information.

    Microsoft has recognized Epicor’s leadership and innovation as a software developer, naming Epicor as “ERP Solution of the Year” in 2001 and as “.NET Application of the Year” for Western Europe in 2003. Epicor was recognized as a finalist for Global ISV of the Year in 2004 and 2007.

    With our long-term partnership as a foundation, Epicor and Microsoft will continue to deliver integrated Microsoft-based solutions to help mid-market and enterprise companies lower their total cost of ownership, achieve greater business agility, and realize greater return on investment.

    Office Business Application Extends Reach and Value of Enterprise Solutions

    "Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to use the information captured within Epicor applications more effectively by enabling users to seamlessly interact with relevant and timely information whenever and wherever they need it.” 
    James Norwood, Vice President, Product Marketing, Epicor

     Leading ISV Enhances Technology Capabilities and Ease of Use for Midsize Companies

    "There is such a depth and breadth of features in Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0 that we’re able to do all kinds of things much easier." 
    Bart Elia, Software Architect, Epicor

    ERP Software Provider Offers Customers Strong Centralized IT Infrastructure Management

    "With multithreading, we’re seeing a 200–300 percent gain in some areas.” 
    Hakan Ebersjo, Director of Product Marketing, Epicor

  • "Epicor has consistently pushed the envelope on leading edge Microsoft technology adoption; this has enabled Microsoft to showcase how emerging technologies are applied to solve real life business problems."

    Kevin Johnson
    President of Platforms & Services Division at Microsoft

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  • Epicor Software推動業務增長。我們為製造、分銷、零售和服務業的客戶提供靈活及特別針對各類行業需求而設計的軟件。累積了超過 40 年經驗,Epicor對客戶獨特業務流程和操作要求有深入的了解,並將這些經驗融會我們提供的每一個雲端,主機托管或辦公室預置版方案。基於我們對客戶業務的了解,Epicor的解決方案可應付業務的複雜性,並能同時帶動公司增長。有效的方案可協助企業節省時間精力,提高效率並提升盈利能力。

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