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    Maybe you’ve been with your ERP for a while but your needs have changed and it is not GST compliant.

    If you are ready for something better, you are not alone.

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    Selecting a new ERP solution does not need to be a complex decision. Register to gain access to these tools that will help you make the right choice and save you money:

    Best Practices for ERP Implementation
    Although IT has traditionally been responsible for specifying and implementing technology within an organization, successful ERP implementations require involvement from stakeholders at all levels, from executives to end users. For many companies, the transition from existing traditional systems to a new ERP one can consume significant corporate resources, including time, expense, and risk to business operations. We discuss the best practices for ERP implementation in this whitepaper.

    How To Choose Between Generic and Industry- Specific ERP Systems
    If you’re wondering whether a generic or an industry-specific solution is the best fit, or how to start the ERP selection process, you’re not alone. This whitepaper suggests ways to simplify your ERP selection process and points out the differences between industry-specific and generic ERP solutions.

    How To Successfully Select An ERP System in Eight Simple Steps
    If you’re looking for your first ERP system or looking to upgrade from an existing system, the evaluation, selection and implementation process is a long-term strategic decision for your organization. This Whitepaper will guide you through the required steps needed to select or upgrade your ERP solution.

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