• Preparation for GST

    How can I be prepared?

    Epicor ERP, meets the operational GST requirements of the GST regime to be implemented in Malaysia in 2015. Using existing functionalities, Epicor customers can expect a smooth transition from current taxes to the new GST framework.

    Key features of Epicor ERP for Malaysian taxation purposes include:

    Recording and reporting of input and output GST

    Claim back of GST on invoices

    Automatic reporting for Government GST Returns

    Creation of GST Audit File

    Find out how you can benefit this in 3 easy steps:

    Sign up for our series of GST workshops

    Review your current business processes and specific issues

    Talk to the Epicor team to ensure that your business software is GST Ready

    Email us today (asiamarketing@epicor.com) to sign up for our series of GST workshops

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