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    10 Characteristics of a Grow Getter

    Get your retail business set for growth

    High-growth companies are powered by people who understand what it takes to get set for growth—individuals with the vision and drive to take their business to the next level. We call these people the Grow Getters.

    Grow Getters know what growth looks like for their business and how to achieve it. They invest where it counts and have an integrated business management system that gives them the essential visibility and agility needed to act for growth.

    Discover the 10 characteristics that set the Grow Getters apart from their competitors.

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    Executive Summary

    The 10 Grow Getter Characteristics

    These 10 characteristics come directly from research commissioned by Epicor and conducted by MORAR Consulting in 2016. Insights are based on interviews conducted with more than 2,450 individuals in a variety of industries, including retail. This article (and the demographics below) is based on information from all the individuals we spoke to in our survey.

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    Individuals by function

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    1. Grow Getters Focus Outside the Business

    2. Grow Getters Strategically Plan

    3. Grow Getters Don't Stress It

    4. Grow Getters Are Optimistic

    5. Grow Getters Believe in Their Capabilities

    6. Grow Getters Embrace Change

    7. Grow Getters Invest Where It Counts

    8. Grow Getters Invest in New Technology and Innovation

    9. Grow Getters Demand Quick Returns From IT Spend

    10. Grow Getters Focus on the Customer