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Little Hardware Eagle N Series

Established in 1922, Little Hardware Company is a family-owned business that has served the Charlotte, North Carolina area for over 90 years. The company is dedicated to the distribution of industrial supplies, hardware, and an extensive list of other products to corporations, retail companies, and individuals. They are proud of their reputation for excellent customer service and for helping customers locate those "hard to find" items.

"As an independent retail business, understanding our customers is critical. Epicor Eagle N Series helps us take customer information to the next level."

Kyle Little
eCommerce and IT Manager | Little Hardware Company

An Epicor Eagle user for over 20 years, Little Hardware has continued to advance their use of technology to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. The company upgraded to the Epicor Eagle N Series retail business management solution as part of their approach to gain insight into business analytics and optimize training for enhanced customer service.

Information is the key to exceptional customer service

At Little Hardware, access to information is the key to delivering exceptional customer service. To provide world-class customer service, a retailer must have detailed product, pricing, sales, inventory, and customer information. Eagle N Series takes critical business information and uses it in real-time applications. "As an independent retail business, understanding our customers is critical," said Kyle Little, eCommerce and IT manager at Little Hardware. "Epicor Eagle N Series helps us take customer information to the next level-putting us closer to our analytical data by enhancing the applications that we use daily with new insights on customer purchasing behavior."

A simplified user interface and improved workflows available in Eagle N Series makes it easier for Little Hardware to quickly access the reports and queries necessary to run the business. "With analytics embedded within the Eagle N Series solution, and readily available at our fingertips, it's easier to see our customers' shopping habits, behaviors and buying patterns," said Little. "A combination of understanding customer information and business analytics creates the ultimate consumer experience, and a better retail business. Overall the new solution is very useful, a definite time saver, and a great way to quickly access the tools we use."

Great example of integration and support

Little Hardware finds that employee training is the best way to ensure their employees are prepared to help customers. Built right into Eagle N Series, the Epicor Training on Demand (TOD) solution offers online, personalized training that helps retailers easily manage and deliver the performance enhancing education that every employee needs. "In the past it was frequently a challenge to get employees to review the Training on Demand material on their own," said Little. "Now with TOD integrated into Eagle N Series, it's much more accessible and will really inspire our employees to take more initiative with training. It's very valuable-the videos displayed are relevant to where you are located within the solution. For example, if I'm looking at inventory and launch the TOD tool, an applicable inventory video will pop up. I have high hopes that we'll get much more use out of TOD going forward."

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Company Facts

  • Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Industry: Hardware and Home Center
  • Year Founded: 1922
  • Web site:
  • Co-op: Orgill


  • Increase efficiency with daily tasks
  • Improve customer service to remain competitive



  • Easier and more streamlined user interface
  • Faster access to business analytics
  • Efficient access to customer information for problem solving, and e-mail marketing
  • Improved and relevant employee training

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