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Epicor Proof of Delivery Software

Based on the Android and Apple operating systems, Epicor Proof of Delivery software enables your drivers to view daily route information, maps, and access driving instructions from their cell phone. They can also access notes and drill into details for each delivery, and, as the name implies, capture the signature and name of the receiver. Drivers may also record any issues that may arise at a stop, i.e., location closed, no one available, damaged package, etc.


  • Reduce invoice disputes
  • Improve management of deliveries
  • Lower cost of purchase for mobile devices

To ensure your drivers keep to their schedules, clock-in/clock-out functionality tracks how long a driver stays at each stop. In addition, Epicor Proof of Delivery allows Over the Air (OTA) delivery of lists to update drivers while still on the road. Because delivery lists are updated as the stops are completed, you are able to invoice customers sooner.

RMAs created in your Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP) can also be added to the delivery list for pickup at the customer site.

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