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7 Reasons to Choose Epicor EDI

Reason #1: A Single Software Vendor

Take Control

This is the hassle-free way to send, receive, and integrate your data. As the leader in data simplicity, Epicor solutions enable seamless integration with your ERP or other critical business architecture. From mapping to managing data flow, Epicor HQ makes it easy.

  • Setup, configure, and manage your trading partners with an intuitive interface that makes mapping your data simple.
  • Set the alerts and thresholds you need to monitor and manage by exception.
  • Be self-sufficient and stay in control your own  data.

Simplify Integration

Working together, your EDI and ERP create seamless, automated communication flow between your trading partners. Our Intuitive interface makes mapping your data a snap.

  • Get the integration format you need, whether it’s fixed length flat files, XML, CSV, direct SQL, or something else.
  • Enact custom business logic to control the flow of data.
  • Make changes quickly and easily.

Lean on the EDI Experts

Whether you’re onboarding your first or 500th trading partner, Electronic Data Interchange is ready to beat your expectations. We work as a partner by your side to help implement, migrate, and manage your data solution and integration, while also delivering:

  • Decades of expertise with up-to-the-minute technology and a modern interface
  • Tight integrations and strong working relationships with the commercial software you already use
  • In-person or web-based training to build your knowledge of software, tasks, techniques and management


Works with any ERP system. Optimized for:  Kinetic Prophet 21CMS Automotive