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Epicor Integration Cloud

An API Integration Platform Powered by Jitterbit

Connecting Data Across the Enterprise to Drive Growth

Rapidly connect all of your cloud, SaaS, and on-premises business applications to your system of record—Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP). Epicor Integration Cloud, Powered by Jitterbit, provides a scalable solution for rapid integration, implementation and easy expansion.

  • Jitterbit’s API Integration Platform provides seamless way to connect Epicor to any in-house, on-premises, or cloud-based system.
  • Enables companies to build and automate workflows across critical business applications.
  • Connect CRM, E-Commerce, Analytics, 3PL/Logistics and HR with Epicor to provide a complete, data-driven view across all your applications. 

Key Benefits


Integrate in days, not months with template-based integration to hundreds of 3rd party business systems.


Maintain Epicor as the system of record and the single source of truth within your organization.


Eliminate duplicate data entry, build smart workflows, and keep users working in the systems they know best.


Exchange information between business systems in real time to keep pace with daily changes in your business or supply chain.

Connect to More Than 1,000 Endpoints

Communiquer avec Epicor

Parlez-nous de vos objectifs et de vos difficultés uniques, puis laissez-nous vous montrer comment les logiciels Epicor peuvent parfaitement s'adapter à vos besoins.  Contactez-nous par téléphone, par clavardage ou par courriel. Si vous êtes un client existant, connectez-vous à EpicCare.