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Epicor Information Worker

Access Enterprise Data in Microsoft® Office

Business workers spend a good portion of their day within desktop productivity tools like Microsoft® Office.  At the same time, the same business workers need access to the data that is captured within their line of business applications to make decisions or simply accomplish everyday tasks.  So how can you connect your people and their processes with the business data they need? With Epicor Information Worker, an innovative productivity tool that integrates seamlessly within the familiar Microsoft Office environment and enables users to get the information they need when they need it and where they want it.

Work in Context, Online and Offline

The ability to access data from any number of enterprise applications while remaining within your current work context eliminates wasted time.  Before Epicor Information Worker, users were required to leave the Microsoft Office environment, open one or more enterprise applications, search for the required data, and either copy and paste that data into their Office application, or worse, retype it.  With Epicor Information Worker, you no longer have to leave what you are currently doing to get the data you need.  Simply download the data directly into your Microsoft Office application.  Once users have downloaded the data they need, they are able to work with it offline and synchronize any changes when they are back online.

Extend the Reach of Epicor Applications

Many business workers do not need to utilize all of the features of your Epicor applications, but simply need access to relevant data that is stored in your enterprise system. Epicor Information Worker integrates into the Microsoft Office environment to allow qualified users to retrieve, view, and modify enterprise data. Epicor application licenses are only required when users are capturing or synchronizing data, which allows companies to extend the reach of their Epicor data to more workers while keeping additional licensing costs at a minimum.

Accelerate Training Time

You have already made the investment in your Epicor enterprise software to automate routines, capture data, and adhere to corporate standards and policies. But not all of your business workers need to use these applications. Enabling users to access enterprise data from within Microsoft Office will take little effort and allow them to become more productive very quickly. Business users will easily accept and adapt to the menus and toolbars that Epicor IW incorporates into Microsoft Office, and will become more productive in a shorter period of time.

Increase Productivity with Easy Access to Relevant Data

Epicor Information Worker allows users to become more productive through an integrated and transparent user experience. Business workers are able to make better informed decisions in less time by quickly retrieving the data they need without having to search for it and manually manipulate or scrub it. People typically work informally outside of their enterprise applications. Epicor Information Worker simplifies these informal interactions, allowing users to collaborate and get their work done in familiar ways.

Luo yhteys Epicoriin

Kerro meille ainutlaatuisista tavoitteistasi ja haasteistasi, niin että voimme näyttää sinulle, miksi Epicor-ohjelmisto on sopivampi ratkaisu. Ota meihin yhteyttä puhelimitse, chatin kautta tai sähköpostitse. Jos olet jo asiakkaamme, kirjaudu sisään EpicCare