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Epicor XL Connect 7

Cut Reporting Time From Days to Minutes

Epicor XL Connect 7 is a Microsoft® Excel® based reporting platform that helps you build reports in minutes rather than days. Our data analytics tool quickly gets you the answers you need from your data with our intuitive Epicor XL Connect 7 query tool, drill-down capabilities, and a drag-and-drop interface.

The perfect tool for both the data analyst and the business user, Epicor XL Connect 7 changes the way you manage Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP) and Prophet 21 reporting.

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Self-service Business Intelligence & Reporting

Turn Data Into Knowledge

Connect your Epicor data with Epicor XL Connect 7, where your pre-built report will not only look more impressive and allow for more accurate information, but save you hours of time building your regular reports. Easily analyze data with the XL Connect Query Tool without having previous SQL experience. Take your data and use the same excel functions and formulas you love, but now with an enhanced experience of digging deeper into the reporting results. With a single-click add important columns of data. Need a simple user-interface? Drag and drop all the fields you need for easy and quick analysis.

Epicor XL Connect 7 for Analysts

Epicor XL Connect 7 PackNGo

PackNGo is designed to empower analysts to build reports, embed data, and send exactly what business users need—in a file that is much smaller than traditional Excel files. The recipient doesn’t need to be connected to the source database, but can still access the data they need and drill down into specific details.

Customer Success Videos

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