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    Epicor works with select partners—some for their technology, others for their industry expertise—to create solutions that help our customers achieve growth objectives and other business goals.

    For FFL Compliance Manager, Epicor has aligned with Orchid Advisors, the premier firearms management consultancy and trusted compliance and operations experts, to transform the firearms industry with streamlined, compliant, customer-focused operations for FFL holders nationwide.

    Orchid Advisors and Epicor:
    Driving Compliance and Business Performance

    “The firearms industry is a unique niche. The dynamic nature of this “The dynamic nature of the firearms market indicates the need for advanced technology. Epicor is a leader in technology, and we are proud to collaborate with Epicor to develop FFL Compliance Manager, a cutting-edge solution that could really transform the industry.”

    —Jon Rydberg, CEO of Orchid Advisors

    Epicor FFL Compliance Manager is a fresh take
    on the way you manage compliance

    "With FFL Compliance Manager, FFLs and their staff save time, enhance service for their customers, and ensure accuracy while ATF audits and traces are quick and drama-free. With expert guidance from Orchid Advisors, we’ve built best practices into the solution so your firearms business runs better and grows faster."

    —Doug Smith, Director, Product Management, Epicor

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